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When running higher bhp your engine naturally has an increased demand for more fuel. To offer the engine more fuel its common to increase the injector size, this also means that an uprated fuel pump will be required (as a greater volume of fuel can now be fed through the uprated injectors). Both the fuel pump and injectors then rely on a fuel pressure regulator to accurately control the increased fuel volume.

A fuel regulator acts like a dam, holding back fuel sent from the fuel pump and creating pressure in the fuel lines. A quality fuel regulator needs to be strong enough to hold back increased pressure ensuring that when the injectors open (to feed fuel into the combustion chamber) they have access to as much or as little  fuel as required. Insufficient fuel regulators may not hold enough pressure, causing fuel to run back to the tank far too early leaving your injectors running short of fuel.

Racinglines fuel pressure regulators have been designed with performance in mind and offer the exact reliability, flow and pressure control that is required for todays performance engines.

Manufactured from a billet of aluminium our regulator bodies are finely sculpted to a smooth finish using the latest CNC techniques. The casing is then hand polished before being coated in a hard military grade black anodise, with the final seal of approval being the laser engraved RL logo. We then equip the inside of the casing with only the finest components available including:

• Flurosilicone rubber diaphragm to reduce hydraulic pressure fluctuations.
• Stainless steel ball swivel adjuster for precise adjustment.
• Stainless Steel spring separation plate and retainer finished with a bypass compression spring.

Additional components featured are: 

• Stainless steel mounting bracket.
• Stainless steel vacuum take off adapter.
• Fuel pressure gauge blanking port. 
• Three AN6 aluminium adapters.
• One metre of vacuum hose.
• Stainless steel cap head retaining bolts. 

Fully adjustable from 1.5 to 6 BAR of pressure each regulator is pressure tested to 10 BAR prior to dispatch.

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