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Racing Lines Supalite range of fittings are designed primarily for high end motorsport applications where weight saving and flexible routing is priority. 

Manufactured from 6061 Aluminium Supalite fittings are secured onto a unique lightweight hose using an aluminium crimped collar. On average Supalite fittings are half the weight of the conventional "200 Series" and "T9" fittings and must be used with Racing Lines PTFE, lightweight fibre braided Supalite hose.

Racing Lines matching Supalite hose is over 50% lighter than the stainless steel braided variant (found in both 200 and T9 series) and has an improved bend radius of over 70%. These attributes coupled with its convoluted PTFE lining, collapse resistant inner shell and fire retardant fibre strands provide refined excellence and reliability.

Although the Supalite range is available to purchase through our online store it's important to note that construction of the hoses requires a specific crimping machine (where orientation of the fittings must be set before securing the fitting to the end of the hose). To help with this we operate a unique hose assembly service where we can design, manufacture and supply any desired hose assemblies from a single hose to a complete vehicle kit. For customers regularly using the Supalite range we also offer the crimping machines to purchase outright which can include a range of accessories and on site training. For further details please contact us. 

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