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5/16 SUBMERSIBLE FUEL HOSE (2190-0615)

5/16 SUBMERSIBLE FUEL HOSE (2190-0615)

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Ordinary fuel hose is designed to handle fuel on the inside only. This Cohline brand 2190.0615 rubber submersible in tank fuel hose is engineered for contact with petrol (and other liquid petroleum distillates) both on the inside and outside. Excellent for use with in-tank fuel pumps and fuel pick-ups.

• 7.9mm (5/16”) I.D.
• 14.3mm (9/16”) O.D.
• Maximum working pressure of 6 Bar (87 psi) with 20 Bar (290 psi) burst pressure
• 55mm smallest bend radius
• Meets VW TL 522 56 standard
• Can withstand petrol, E85 rated flexible fuels, diesel and biodiesel fuels
• Temperature range of -40°C to+70°C (-40°f - 158°f)
• For use with barbed hose fittings - clamp required.

Priced per metre.
• Maximum continuous length 100 metres.
• Supplied as a complete length when ordering two or more metres (up to 100 metres)

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